Climate of fear at Til Schweiger?: Results of the investigation against the star published

Climate of fear at Til Schweiger?
Results of the investigation against the star published

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Did the employees on the set of the Til Schweiger comedy “Manta, Manta – Second Part” really have to work in a climate of fear? The actor and director were in one in May “Spiegel” report He has been accused of abuse of power and alcohol on the film set. The results of an external report from the law firm SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte have now been determined in this regard. The film studio responsible, Constantin Film, gave this according to consistent media reports now known.

A total of 50 of the 108 people involved in the film shoot were interviewed, including Schweiger himself. The perception of the working atmosphere varies greatly. A large number of respondents described the mood as “very good” to “ok”, while at the same time a “not inconsiderable number” also described it as “rather moderate” to “very bad”.

In some cases, people either felt fear themselves or observed this feeling in others, and Schweiger’s choice of words was sometimes perceived as “borderline, invasive and hurtful”. But here too there are other voices that described Schweiger as “appreciative” and “generous”.

That’s what the bigwigs say – and Schweiger himself

Many of the people interviewed said that Schweiger consumed alcohol during filming. There was also a “physical altercation” because of this. The producers also repeatedly reported “behavior that was too disapproving [von Schweiger, Anm. d. Red.] have to intervene”.

The Constantin board chairman Martin Moszkowicz (65) asserts that they have “dealt intensively with the allegations and incidents” and that no “production in Germany has ever been scrutinized so intensively”. Schweiger himself writes that “Picture”was “infinitely sorry” for everything and he “apologized” during the questioning.


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