Clogs: this shoe trend is back!

Everything comes back in fashion – including the trends in question. Clogs are currently celebrating their big comeback as THE summer shoe 2020. Clogs? Yes, you heard right! When properly styled, it is a real asset to our summer and even fall wardrobe – Sarah Jessica Parker shows how it's done.

Carrie Bradshaw already knew: Shoes are the icing on the cake of every outfit and decide on a successful look or fashion faux pas. In terms of fashion, we blindly trust the expertise of the eternal style icon. So there is no question that we will immediately re-style this – at first glance admittedly questionable shoe trend – because a selfie on Instagram proves that SJP is not stumbling through the streets of New York this summer in Manolos, but in clogs.

Clogs – the trend shoe quickly explained

The hallmarks of the clogs – which have their origins in England and Sweden – are the extravagant wooden soles and the open heel. Once worn as worker's shoes because of their robustness, clogs quickly developed into fashionable eye-catchers. Shoes reached their peak in popularity in the 1970s, after which they were forgotten for a long time. Until now: designers like Miu Miu, Gucci or Jacquemus gave clogs a fashionable makeover and helped the shoe, which is often decried as "ugly", to become the trend piece of the year.

The new models are much more feminine with straps, heels and plateau. Eye-catching details such as glittering buckles, flower applications or brooches also ensure a good portion of extravagance and make the wooden shoe suitable for going out.

Miu Miu gives the robust wooden shoes a glam factor through extravagant details.

Why we love clogs (again)

The search for the perfect summer shoe is difficult: they should be airy, comfortable, stylish and modern. If you don't always want to combine flats or sneakers with a little dress, things aren't easy when it comes to shoes. Even if we love style breaks, sometimes they are just too much. In high-heeled sandals or ballerinas, however, the look quickly looks overdressed or too girly. Something in between all of the shoes mentioned would have to be found – and that brings us to the clogs: They are ultra-comfortable thanks to their wide, robust heels, they cheat us a few centimeters, are pleasantly airy thanks to their open shape and look great. Convinced?

This is how we style clogs now

Everything that screams femininity goes well with clogs. Delicate dresses or skirts counteract the robust shape of the shoe. In terms of color, you can let off steam with most clog models, because almost everything goes well with the natural tones of the sole. The look is particularly harmonious, however, if you also use natural tones such as cream, brown or white for your remaining outfit.

Also cool: Those who like it more casual can opt for a casual denim look. Because clogs are currently not the only 70s relic that appears again on the fashion radar. The bold of fashion complete the retro look and style flare or mum jeans, wide shirts and basket bags with clogs.

But the shoe doesn't only look great in summer: in combination with fancy socks, the open shoe is made suitable for autumn. We love!

You see: clogs are better than their reputation. In any case, we are convinced of the trend potential of wooden shoes and will invest in one or the other pair. You too?