Close everything: More and more stars are distancing themselves from the campaign

Close everything
More and more stars are distancing themselves from the campaign

“Tatort” star Meret Becker is one of the actors who had their contribution removed.

© imago images / Andre Lenthe

“Gone in my pants”: Gradually, more and more participants in “Close everything” have their contribution removed.

At the beginning of the campaign, the YouTube page “Make everything tight” still counted over 50 videos from over 50 stars from TV and cinema. Some participants, such as Jan Josef Liefers (56), immediately distanced themselves from unconventional thinker groups after criticizing the action. Others have already gone a step further and had their post on the YouTube channel deleted.

Heike Makatsch (49) was one of the first to do so. To justify why she initially took part and now decided against her contribution, is called on her Instagram account among other things: “I think it’s important to somehow mirror or comment on our world, which is no longer recognizable. If I’ve played into the hands of right-wing demagogues, I deeply regret it.”

“Sometimes it’s better to think a little longer”

Kostja Ullmann (36) also chose these steps. His video is no longer on the site, he writes on Twitter: “Sometimes it is better to think a moment longer. (…) My statement was meant to be humorous, but in no case I share the cynicism and I do not want the applause of lateral thinkers, supporters of the AfD, citizens of the Reich and other corona deniers . ” He apologizes to everyone who feels hurt by him.

Actor Ken Duken (42) also initiated the deletion of his video and distanced himself from “right-wing ideas and right-wing ideologies” on Instagram. His conclusion on the whole: “This action went completely wrong.”

“Tatort” star Meret Becker (52) published a series of videos on Instagramin which she takes a position on the “art action – that is how it was meant”. The fact that her video is now being instrumentalized by right-wing groups is “the last thing I wanted.” The action “backfired” completely. Other stars whose videos can no longer be found include Peri Baumeister (35, “Skylines”) and Trystan Pütter (40, “Ku’Damm”).