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“Closed Deal”: until when will the show be broadcast during confinement? : Current Woman Le MAG

The French have been confining themselves for almost two weeks to avoid the spread of Covid-19. If some Parisians have not moved away from their home country for professional reasons, others have decided to set sail. This is particularly the case with Sophie Davant who fled Ile-de-France in order to leave a region heavily affected by the virus. The mother of Valentine and Nicolas made the choice of the great outdoors and settled in his second home, not far from the coast. The facilitator takes the opportunity to devote herself to her new writing project and compels herself to regular physical activity in order to keep in shape. But the former companion of Pierre Sled nevertheless keeps a close eye on her work as a presenter. The vibrant 50-year-old does not miss a broadcast of her flagship program Deal concluded. She also told the magazine Gala what she saw for the rest of the confinement.

"Closed Case": new episodes to deal with confinement

The host of France 2 revealed that she and her teams have "put the double bites " so that the emission is present as long as possible despite the containment measures. "We shot six shows a day for three days straight. We should be able to offer new shows at 5 p.m., at least until the beginning of May. So this is good news ", she announced. "In a period of confinement and with necessarily more people from television, we achieve audience records in number of viewers. It is comforting for us to say that the people who are in front of their television choose Case concluded", she concludes. What reassure the faithful of the program …

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