closing an app by accident will no longer happen on One UI 6.0

On One UI 6.0, the latest version of the Samsung overlay based on Android 14, the manufacturer has added a rather practical functionality. In fact, it allows you to keep an application open in the background permanently. Explanations.

samsung one ui 6.0
Credits: Samsung

If you are the owner of a Samsung smartphone, you may be used to using the “Close all” button on the recent apps screen. With this command, all open applications running in the background are automatically closed.

Like yours truly, you may be one of the lovers of this feature, who systematically uses it to recover RAM or save the battery life of their smartphone. However, it sometimes happens to close an application without wanting to, especially when you have taken the reflex of mechanically pressing the button.

With One UI 6.0, the latest version of its overlay based on Android 14, Samsung has introduced a new tool to resolve the problem. In fact, from the recent applications screen, simply hold and hold the icon of the app of your choice.

Closing an app by accident will no longer happen on One UI 6.0

A drop-down menu then appears, from which you can access the app’s information, open it in bubble form or even in split screen. Now, a new tab is available: “Keep open”.

By clicking on the command, a pop-up message is displayed, warning you that “the application will be kept open for quick launch” until further notice. In this way, the application is excluded from the list of apps to close using the “Close all” button. You will see in passing that the logo of a padlock displays the app iconsignaling that it is locked.

samsung one ui capturesamsung one ui capture
Credits: SamMobile

As our colleagues from the SamMobile site point out, Samsung is not the first to offer this type of practical tool. Indeed, we find this functionality in other Android brands, like Vivo for example. As a reminder, One UI 6.0 with Android 14 has been available in France since the end of October 2023.

This new version includes many new features, such as quick updates (which allow you to use your phone during an update), a redesign of the quick settings and notifications panel or even more in-depth customization of the screen. lockdown.

Source: SamMobile

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