Clothes on fire – petrol can explodes: man seriously injured

A 37-year-old was seriously injured in an accident at work Wednesday afternoon in Latschach, Finkenstein, (Carinthia). A petrol can exploded and the worker’s clothes caught fire. He could put out the flames himself. His colleague took him to the hospital, but the ambulance transferred the seriously injured person to the Klagenfurt Clinic for plastic surgery.

The Klagenfurt native and a colleague of the same age carried out renovation work on the construction site. At around 4 p.m., the 37-year-old wanted to use a lighter on the ground floor of the house to check whether there was diesel or gasoline in the 20-liter canister. According to the police, the gasoline can and the clothes of the Klagenfurters were ignited. His work colleague put out the fire with the garden hose.

“He brought the 37-year-old to the LKH Villach himself in his company vehicle. From there he was immediately transferred to the Klagenfurt Clinic, ”said the police.