Cloud: Ofcom will investigate the competition – 09/22/2022 at 14:40

(AOF) – Ofcom, the telecommunications regulator in the United Kingdom, will launch a market study examining the position of Amazon, Microsoft and Google in the UK cloud market, which represents 15 billion euros. sterling, of which they hold 81% of the market.

“We will examine the strength of competition in cloud services in general and the position that the three hyperscalers hold in the market. We will also examine any market characteristics that could limit innovation and growth in this sector by making it difficult to entry of other companies into the market and the increase of their share”, specifies the authority.

Over the next year, Ofcom will also launch a broader work program to examine other digital markets, including online personal communication applications and audio-visual content access devices.

“We are interested in how services such as WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom are affecting the role of traditional calling and messaging, and how competition and innovation in these markets may evolve over the next few years. We also want to understand if any limitations on their ability to interact with each other raise any potential concerns.”

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