Clouds of smoke over the city – major alarm for fire brigades in the event of a fire in Neusiedl

The sirens wailed early Wednesday evening in Neusiedl am See in Burgenland. A fire broke out in an apartment building for an initially unknown cause. The flames blazed brightly, huge billows of smoke rose threateningly. The city’s Florianis and five other fire departments were deployed.

The alarm was triggered around 4.30 p.m. The Neusiedler fire brigade moved out immediately. Comrades from Jois, Bruckneudorf, Kaisersteinbruch, Winden and Weiden am See also rushed to the fire in an apartment building to provide active support. The starting point was probably a garbage island on the ground floor of the building. No injuries, major damage The flames rose steeply along the facade to the first floor. “The damage even extends beyond the second floor to the roof,” reported the volunteers. While three teams with heavy respiratory protection were on duty in the house, comrades came to the rescue with a telescopic platform. “There was no longer any danger for the residents. The apartments had already been cleared ”, so the first information during the extinguishing work. Nobody got hurt.
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