Clove invites himself as a new agent in Valorant – Gamosaurus

While episode 8, act II of Valorant began on March 5, the new agent, Clove, will arrive in the game on March 26, 2024. Originally from Scotland, Clobe plays on the destabilization of the enemy as much as in life and in death. Indeed, even if they fall in battle, they do not stay in the grave for long.

Clove’s Skills

Cunning (E)

Equip to view the battlefield. Pull to define the places to place Clove’s clouds. Use secondary fire to confirm, which launches vision-blocking clouds in selected areas. Clove can use this skill after death.

Troublemaker (A)

Equip an Essence of Immortality Fragment. Shoot to throw the fragment, which explodes after a short delay and temporarily disintegrates all targets hit.

Boost (C)

Activate to instantly absorb the life force of a fallen enemy that Clove has injured or killed, speeding you up and gaining temporary HP.

Still Standing (X/Ultimate)

After you die, activate to come back to life. Back among the living, you have a certain amount of time to achieve a kill or hurtful assist, or you die.

With his kit, Clove therefore embodies a whole new style of play for controllers and should therefore allow them to experience combat in contact with the opponent.

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