Club première: this physical detail of Laurent Ruquier which will not go unnoticed

The On page is live on France 2, definitively turned, Laurent Ruquier launches Club Première, a cultural event to follow on Paris Première every Wednesday at 11:00 p.m.

You launch on Paris Première Club Première. What state of mind are you in?

LAURENT RUQUIER: I am delighted to return to Paris Première. I was on this channel seventeen years ago when I hosted It swings in Paris. From this experience, I used a lot to take up the challenge of taking over the Saturday box in the second part of the evening on France Télévisions (France 2, editor’s note) with We are not in bed. I’m not sure I would have been so comfortable there if I hadn’t presented this show on Paris Première.

How did this project get started ?

When I announced that I was giving up Saturday evenings on France 2, Paris Première made me the offer. I was seduced by the idea. This is an opportunity to continue talking about the news of publishing, theater, cinema… I was afraid that I would miss it.

How will this new show unfold?

Each week, we will talk about a book, a film and a play. I will be with two columnists and comedians who will be there to promote them, in exchange for which they will share with us a cultural crush. It will be shot under live conditions, without editing. And I will be able to move around in the decor. We’re finally going to see my legs!

So France Télévisions did not refuse to see you also on a private channel?

Delphine Ernotte, the boss of the public channels, initially said no. But the arguments I gave were convincing, in particular the fact that this had already happened when I was on both Paris Première and France 2 for We have tried everything. And she said yes, thank you.

Léa Salamé, your ex-sidekick from On est en direct, invented the concept of “permanent guest” (Christophe Dechavanne) to What an era! and you that of ephemeral columnist by inviting comedians in turn!

I’m not going to get into a debate about the issue of Leah and of Christophe Dechavanne which is rather a forum… I will not invite a political figure…

Would you be angry with Léa Salamé?

To be angry, you would already have to have a relationship. We were never friends. I got along well with her on a set. But I didn’t want to continue with two. It’s not made for me. With Léa, we don’t call each other every day. But we didn’t do that before either.

What do you do with your Saturday nights now?

I can now go to Normandy at home and finally enjoy the weekend!

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