Coalition variants – VP grandees do not want to drive up the price

You are in favor of a two-party coalition, but the three-party option is not yet off the table: it would weaken the opposition. Party grandees have a clear tendency. Some SP candidates for state council posts are already out of the running.

Will there be a two-party coalition in Tyrol or will ÖVP boss Anton Mattle include a third party? This question is currently being counted up and down by party strategists. The topic will now have to be discussed following the “initial talks”, which ended on Wednesday with the FPÖ’s visit to Mattle’s office. It was about “renewing the good conversation channel and cleaning up things from the election campaign,” as it was said Wohlgemuth, Elisabeth Fleischanderl and Benedikt Lentsch. The state party council, consisting of comrades from all parts of the state, officially decides who is nominated for government offices. The “Krone” explained that personnel changes in the SPÖ state parliament due to preferential voting results are not to be expected because there are no party regulations on this. Who is eligible for SPÖ state councillors? After the mayor of Lienz has already waved Blanik off, LA Fleischanderl will probably take a seat on the government bench next to state party leader Georg Dornauer for parity reasons. Should three places have been reserved there, ÖGB boss Wohlgemuth would come into play, a grand coalition member valued by the Tyrolean VP spoke. The heads of the chambers of labour, economics and agriculture made no secret of it – knowing full well that the black and red would face a massive opposition consisting of the Greens, who after nine years of coalition with the ÖVP now have the opportunity to settle old scores settle, a FPÖ, which is still “hot” on Mattle because of his “exclusion policy”, a Fritz list with Fritz Dinkhauser, who would like to shoot the VP every day on the moon, and the Neos, who can probably also oppose. With the inclusion of another partner, the VP could take some pressure off the boiler and probably also sell it as an innovation: There have never been three-party coalitions in Tyrol at the state level. Nobody officially wants to talk about it: “Everything we say drives up the price!” said Zangerl.
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