Coat trend 2021: Meghan Markle loves this classic

Royal trendsetter
Duchess Meghan loves this classic coat – and so will we in 2021!


Meghan Markle is one of the greatest royal trendsetters. So it's no wonder that we take a very close look at her looks, especially now in the cold season.

We admit it: we also love to shop for new items. But not every trend piece has to move into the sacred four walls of our closet immediately. Because there are parts that are so classic that they not only outlast every season, but thanks to smaller updates can easily keep up with every new it-piece.

Meghan Markle gives us the best proof of this. The Duchess was only one of the senior royals for one year, but during this time she easily managed to become the best-dressed noblewoman in the world. Your secret weapon: the camel coat!

The beige wool coat has been a fashionable evergreen for around forty years and is an integral part of the designers' repertoire year after year – and in the wardrobe of fashionistas. So it's no wonder that Meghan has also fallen for the coat all-rounder. So instead of going through the online stores virtually and spending a small fortune on trendy ephemera, it is worth investing in the trendy classic, because we promise you: a camel coat is not just a purchase for life, it is also a real style -Chameleon.

This is how you style the camel coat

Hardly any other fashion item is as easy to style as the camel coat. Whether elegant with pencil skirt and cashmere sweater or casual with leather pants and hoodie – the camel coat takes your look to a new fashion level in no time. If you don't want to do without the extra portion of trend, you can do it like Duchess Meghan and rely on the currently trendy monochrome look and wear the cult coat with parts of the same color or parts from the Braun family.

It is entirely up to you which cut you choose. Do you love the simple one-button version or can it be a little more trendy? Then you should definitely buy mid-length models with oversized lapels and waist belts. These not only conjure up a great hourglass silhouette, they also give your style that very special Meghan twist. Plus a pair of high boots and a matching trend bag – hello royal fashionista!