Coercion process around Morena Diaz (28)

It has been a long way to justice. After more than two years, the sexual assault on influencer Morena Diaz (28) came before the Schwyz criminal court yesterday. The ex-teacher was silent about the horror for a long time. «I was blocked, suppressed the attack. In addition, I was in the classic predicament that I did not want to give my best friend to the knife », said Diaz in court. But at the same time the psychological burden became too great. She took all courage and published the act on her blog in early 2020.

In front of the court, Morena Diaz does not mince her words and says: “It was already apparent months before the attack that he was in love with me and that it could become problematic between us.” Alfredo S. * (33) made her several unpleasant advances. It then became violent shortly before Christmas. On December 21, 2018, he urgently wanted to see her before traveling to Italy. They had dinner with his uncle and aunt, then the two of them went to his room to watch a movie. It comes to action.