Coignard – Wishes for 2023: the very small transformations of a president

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CHRONIC. Between the first wishes of the two five-year terms, few differences, except the end of the enthusiasm for the President of the Republic…

By Sophie Coignard

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HASfter these long wishes sent by the Head of State from Fort Brégançon, in a fairly minimalist setting – a very ordinary library – how not to give in to the temptation to see those of 2017 again, his first as a young president inhabited by the “new world”? The atmosphere, then, is more solemn: the Elysée office with, in the background, the barely illuminated gardens. But, above all, there is the freshness of the beginner. Emmanuel Macron then seems almost intimidated. He doesn’t stammer, but “soaps up” a little, as the professionals say, says “also” instead of also, makes a mistake in an affair. In the name of authenticity, surely, these small imperfections do not require shooting the sequence again. Nothing like this in 2022. It’s mastered, more “pro…

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