Coin Master: What are the stars for?

A multitude of players discovering Corner Master, or who have simply never really asked themselves the question, wonder what are the stars for. The latter, which are earned in different ways, give an overview of your progress in Corner Master and are used to establish a ranking, but having more stars than a friend does not necessarily mean having a higher level than him. We explain everything to you.

What are the stars for in Coin Master?

Before expanding on the subject, know that there are three ways to increase its number ofstars in Coin Master :

  • Upgrade a building in the village (1 star per upgraded building, 25 per village in total).
  • Level up your pet (1 star per level gained).
  • By getting new cards. A card already in the collection, however, does not bring a new star.

What can these stars be used for? Well, other than ranking players, not much.

Indeed, as you have probably noticed, several rankings are displayed in Corner Master, one grouping your friends, another according to your country and a last grouping all the players. The stars therefore give you an overview of your progress in Coin Master, although this cannot really be determined by these items, since some stars (especially those on cards) are not obtained at the same time by all players and luck is a factor to be taken into account.

Thereby, the stars in Coin Master are important if you want to gain places in the rankings, whatever they are. If you want to maximize your chances of getting stars, we advise you to feed your animals, but also to exchange your cards, in order to recover some as soon as you have never unlocked.

As a reminder, the developers share, every day, different links to get spins and coins for free. We also recall that Corner Master is available only on iOS and Android devices, but no longer on PC and although it may be tempting, it should not be cheated.

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