CoinsPaid connects companies with DeFi

CoinsPaid has been successfully developing crypto-based payment solutions for the B2B sector since 2014. The company is best known as a payment service provider and was nominated in 2021 by the AIBC for “Payment Provider” of the year.

But not only payment transactions with cryptocurrencies is part of the offer of CoinsPaid. The company’s offer includes a stock exchange and an OTC desk, white label solutions, plug & pay, enterprise solutions and personal wallets. The services have all been developed for the simple and secure handling of cryptocurrencies and are all connected to a single intuitive interface.

In total, over 30 crypto and more than 20 fiat currencies are supported. The safety of the products is under constant observation by specialized teams. A sophisticated system that uses cold and hot wallets, withdrawal limits and other functions ensures that fraud and phishing are effectively prevented. The company is the first crypto project to be audited and certified by Kaspersky Lab and 10 Guards, whose strict review criteria ensure that customers’ data and funds are 100% secure.

The company’s profits and market share have skyrocketed in recent years, with 2020 being the most successful to date, with sales growing five times as a result. For the current year, the company reports a turnover of 1.3 billion euros on its website in the first five months since the beginning of the year.

On June 1, 2021, the company also announced the Introduction of its IDO and CoinsPaid token (CPD) at.

Over the past year and a half, the crypto market has grown overall and will have one in April 2021 Market capitalization of $ 2 trillion achieved, with Bitcoin’s as early as February 2021 $ 1 trillion mark has exceeded. This trend also applies to the DeFi sector, which will issue a TLV (Total Value Locked) on June 21, 2021 of $ 53 billion. As its popularity grows among businesses and individuals, the demand for crypto products and services will continue to evolve.

CoinsPaid is already number 1 among payment providers in the iGaming industry. The environment of the crypto industry is changing very quickly. Many providers are looking for payment solutions for cryptocurrencies, including e-commerce, esports, and more.

The customer perspective

We chose crypto for its simplicity, lower commissions and faster processes. So when you install solutions from CoinsPaid on your online platform, you get a lot of benefits. After a short time you will appreciate this new convenience in payment processing and look around for further crypto assets in order to receive additional benefits. For example, if you end the month with a certain amount of money in your account, you can earn passive income with this amount. Before, they would have had to go to the bank with it. But these days, crypto assets and blockchain technology offer a better solution.

The decentralized finance industry (DeFi) has reached a certain level of maturity in recent years and can now offer a wide variety of financial services, all of which are based on decentralized protocols.

So how do you find a suitable, secure DeFi solution for your business or personal needs? You need to invest time researching the different options. Do you imagine that such a service is offered to you by a crypto provider under a uniform interface that you are already using for payments? Yes, this could be the option your company or you as an individual have been looking for. For Coinspaid, DeFi solutions are the logical step to complement their own offer in a meaningful way for customers.

Until now, CoinsPaid did not have a token. With the addition of CDP to the in-house ecosystem, the aim is to deliver many new opportunities for their customers and the existing products.

How will the CoinsPaid token work?

The CPD token is multichain-based and will be added to all CoinsPaid products and fulfill a utility function. Instead of paying commissions in other cryptocurrencies, customers will have the option to pay in CPD and receive discounts and rewards in return.

CoinsPaid has so far been an exclusively B2B-focused company and most of its customers are online companies. The estimated number of end users among customers is 5 million, so CPD has a great chance of attracting this group of users.

The token economy includes an incentive program that aims to make the token popular with both B2B and B2C customers.

The most important facts about the CoinsPaid token

  • 30% discount on fees paid in CPD and an additional 20% discount for CPD holders. A total of up to 50% discount.
  • 10% discount for B2B customers on promotions with tokens
  • CPD token operations are also performed with a 50% discount
  • DeFi staking rewards
  • Monthly CPD burns after all liquidity hits the market
  • Token swaps will be available for ETH, BSC, SOL and EOS to offer traders a wide range of blockchains
  • Discount on future marketing services & products
  • Total token offering: 800M

What makes this IDO different from others?

  • CoinsPaid is an established, profitable company entering the DeFi market and not a young start-up.
  • The company will add the token to its existing ecosystem of various products.
  • A large pool of customers will start using the token immediately.
  • The token economy has long-term goals. The token has a lockup and a vesting period, which means that CPD must be held for a certain waiting period.
  • The community has a strong incentive to bring new members on board.
  • IDO is currently on private sale; only 2% of the total IDO pool will be available for public sale if one is pre-registered and on the Waiting list stands.

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