COLD CASE. Who killed Silja, this young camper suffocated in the sand of the dunes of Gironde?

The murder took place in the summer of 2000, yet almost 23 years after the fact, the culprit or culprits who strangled and then suffocated Silja Trindler, 18, are still running.

The case has been open for so long that it has now gone into cold case, as our colleagues from Le Parisien have pointed out. The daily has indeed focused on the story of Silja Trindler, an 18-year-old Swiss girl found dead on Saturday August 5, 2000 in the Carcans dunes, in Gironde, while on vacation at the campsite with her family. The cause of death was quickly established: Silja Trindler was strangled and then suffocated on the night of August 4 to 5, 2000. Sand was found in her nose and in her mouth and the samples also determined that the young woman had a relationship sexual activity that would have been consented to before his death.

This allows investigators to obtain the prime suspect’s DNA, but this clue turns out to be very slim in the face of the case that presents itself to them. Le Parisien points out that more than 40,000 summer visitors were in the area during the famous summer, to which was added a crowd who came to attend a reggae festival which was taking place at that time. Among them, tourists from many bordering countries and thousands of potential suspects which therefore lead to thousands of hearings and 5,700 DNA samples, none of which proved conclusive. Despite all the people questioned and all the leads used, none seems to point the finger at the person or the person who attacked Silja Trindler on that famous evening in August 2000.

A case still unsolved

One of the tracks followed by the investigators still took more than 10 years to be ruled out. It was, still according to the Parisian, a man seen near the beach at the time of the murder, whose composite portrait made it possible to find him in Reunion in 2010 … and to clear him. In 2011, another change on the side of the investigators, Didier Teissedou takes the lead in the case in trying to solve it by other means. But his research on the past of the victim and on his entourage only unearth some tragic secrets without giving the key to an enigma which, to this day, has still not been solved.

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