Collective 50/50: collective resignation from the board of directors after a complaint for sexual assault

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In a letter, the board of directors of the association of film professionals campaigning for parity and diversity decided to completely refurbish it. This decision follows a complaint for sexual assault by an actress filed against an administrator.

To dissolve in order to be reborn better on new bases? The board of directors of 50/50 has just announced to its members its collective resignation, in a slightly tortuous, emotional and painful letter, which lets it be understood that the decision was not easy to take and even that it was reluctantly. This resignation seems to acknowledge the irreconcilable nature of the different analyzes and points of view in the storm that has been devastating for almost two months the board of directors of the organization committed to parity and diversity in the film and audiovisual industry.

Reminder of the facts: in March, after an informal dinner at the home of an administrator of 50/50, an association bringing together more than 1,700 professionals, a member was, according to her statements, the victim of a sexual assault on the part of a member of the Board of Directors (CA). A complaint has been filed and an investigation is ongoing. Therefore, as the letter recalls, “Significant disagreements between the members of the council emerged on the analysis, and the consequences to be drawn from this situation. Six members of the council, defending the analysis of a collective responsibility, demanded a general resignation of the CA, which, by a majority of 12 members out of 18, refuted this analysis and [ajouté] necessary, in accordance with

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