Color blocking: dos and don’ts with a colorful look

Color blocking
Dos and don’ts with a colorful look

Model Nieves Alvarez shows how a calm color-blocking look works.

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Green skirt with blue top! Why not? Color-blocking looks brighten up autumn – and this is how it works.

We are already overloaded with brown and gray tones in shop windows and online shops. Because autumn is here and with it the inevitable dreariness that finds its way into our wardrobes if we are not careful. Not that the typical autumn colors such as Bordeaux and caramel create a bad mood, but you are already longing for fresh colors and stylish combinations. Keyword: color blocking.

First things first: fashionistas shouldn’t overdo it with the colorful play of colors. If you want to make a statement with awesome outfits, you should limit yourself to three to a maximum of four colors. A wild mix of materials is also to be avoided.

The most important rule in color blocking: It is only successful if a clear color contrast can be determined. It does not matter whether this contrast is to be found in just one part or is caused by several items of clothing or accessories. The Spanish model Nieves Alvarez (47) showed how the gaudy look works on the occasion of the Alberta Ferretti show at Milan Fashion Week.

Milan Fashion Week: Nieves Alvarez combines green and blue

The 47-year-old combined a royal blue turtleneck sweater with an ankle-length pleated skirt in forest green. The Spaniard rounded off the colorful autumn look with the floppy hat in striking turquoise. Since the massive gold buttons on the skirt alone were eye-catching, Alvarez opted for subtle creoles and a thin bangle for the jewelry.

So she did everything right. Because for a harmonious color-blocking look, it makes sense to choose colors from similar color families, such as blue and green. If you want to integrate more than three colors into the look, you should always make sure that muted colors provide the necessary balance and a little calm.


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