Colorful variety – these seeds are great to sow at home

Spring is here and you would like to green your balcony or window sill a little? Then we have the best tips and tricks for you here.

Herbs, vegetables and sprouts not only look beautiful, they are also extremely healthy. If you don’t have a garden, you can also grow a few things on the balcony or terrace. From carrots to peppers to tomatoes, even potatoes thrive on the balcony! With these simple seed kits, nothing stands in the way of greening your home.

Basically, you don’t need a lot of utensils to grow herbs and vegetables at home. You can even turn things that would normally end up in the recycling yard into plant pots. With a little patience, plastic bowls (e.g. from fruit), egg cartons, buckets, even old rubber boots can become a creative home for herbs and co.

If you want to work a little tidier, you can also get seed trays. These are ideal for growing a wide variety of herbs:

Growing trays

6 pieces
€ 18.14
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Growing trays

3 pieces
€ 11.99
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Vegetable seeds set

12 varieties
€ 11.16
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Growing set with 8 types of vegetables

€ 16.99
Here is the grow kit.

Herbal seeds set

€ 11.16
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Seed kit with 12 types of vegetables

€ 6.98
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Sprouts assortment

8 varieties
€ 25.96
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Roman pot with cress seeds

€ 13.10
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Not sure what else to grow in April? Here are some tips and inspiration:

Quickfinder gardening year: the best time for any gardening work – Andreas Barlage

Paperback: € 17.65
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Organic gardening with mixed culture – Hans Wagner

Hardcover: € 9.81
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