Comic “Other circumstances”: Unwanted pregnancies

A woman’s choice

The comic’s protagonist, Anja, is unintentionally pregnant and now has to deal with the issue of abortion. The readers accompany Anja on this path and also experience many other points in her life: the master’s degree, work, how she meets her partner Olli and their first apartment together. As the story progresses, they get to know her better and better, and the reasons why she wants to have an abortion. Their decision is not based on their age, a violent act, or any other medical condition. The reason is that she does not want to have a child at this time. A reason that often has to be justified before society, but is just as relevant and important as the others. The imagery in the comic is in grayish, pale tones that run throughout the story.

It’s her body

Whether a woman wants to have a child is her decision and hers alone. Being pregnant changes your body, your life and maybe your attitude towards both. If this happens unintentionally, it turns the world of women upside down. There are many questions and uncertainties. How do you find the right way in such a situation? What conversations come up? How does the environment or the partner react? Women often feel alone because you cannot be prepared for such a situation.

Make room for acceptance

In Germany, the “ban on advertising” for abortions was abolished in June 2022. This enables medical practices to now publicly inform about abortion and the different methods of abortion. This makes access for women much easier and this topic is also being heard more in society. This is an important step in recognizing that the woman can decide for herself. Nevertheless, there are enough voices against it and the situation in America, where the abortion law was overturned, makes it clear that women are being patronized and are not yet allowed to make decisions for themselves. That’s not possible, which is why acceptance, education and intensive insights that comics provide are so important.

find support

Many women who become pregnant unintentionally make the decision with themselves. It is important to confide in someone. Whether fears, worries or judgments from the environment – seeking professional support and talking about all of this can help enormously. There are now many portals and advice centers that listen to and support women – no matter what their final decision is. The following contact points can help with a pregnancy conflict:


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