Coming 2024 – New compact SUV Kia EV5 has creative front seats

In the spring, Kia initially presented the compact electric SUV EV5 as a study. Now the production version has been presented in China, which looks like a shrunken EV9. As with the big role model, the five-door in the format of a Sportage offers an angular design, handles embedded in the doors and distinctive LED light strips in the front and rear.

Kia has not yet given any technical details. The Chinese media reported an 82 kWh battery, which probably allows a range of 400 to 500 kilometers. An interior photo of the EV5 shows a battery level of 80 percent and a remaining range of 362 kilometers. On the dashboard, the SUV offers a wide display panel divided into three segments. Driving-relevant information is displayed on the left screen, a touch field for climate functions is in the middle and the infotainment touch screen is on the right. The interior also offers five seats and a folding rear seat backrest, thanks which allows the trunk to be expanded in the classic way. Curious: The seating surface of the passenger seat extends to the driver’s seat, overlapping the center console. The EV5 is scheduled to be launched in China later this year. Other markets, probably also Europe, will follow in 2024. Should the EV5 come to Austria, prices should start at just under 50,000 euros. (SPX)
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