Comment of the day – CO2 tax: “Watch out for the rural population!”

It should come next year: the eco-social tax reform. Despite a CO2 tax, according to Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler there should be “more relief”. This declares war on the number one climate driver. But what the tax should look like, who will benefit from it and who has to pay it, is still in the stars.

It already exists in Sweden, and if the federal government has its way, we will also introduce it from next year: taxation for products that are particularly harmful to the climate. All parliamentary parties agree only that there must be no additional burden. However, many readers fear that this is exactly what will happen – especially for people who depend on a car, such as residents of rural areas. reader Katschy fears further rural exodus and the associated worsening of the housing problem in the cities.

Do you believe in the government’s promise that the eco-social tax reform will not lead to any additional burdens? In your opinion, what does a successful tax reform look like? We look forward to your comments.

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