“Community”: Sitcom gets a film

Sitcom gets a movie

Most of the stars of the series will also appear in the “Community” film.

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Seven years after the final episode, a wish from “community” fans has come true: the sitcom and its stars are returning with a film.

Fans of the US sitcom “Community” can hardly believe their luck: around seven years after the final episode of the series was broadcast, it will be continued with a film. Good news has Peacock, service provider of NBCUniversal, shared on his official Instagram account. “Human beings, it’s about time. Welcome back to Greendale,” it says. In addition, a picture was posted on which is written: “#AndAMovie”.

This is an inside joke from the series that has been passionately embraced by fans over the past several years to help make the “Community” film a reality. In an episode of the second season, the phrase “Six seasons and one movie!” – “Community” had managed the six seasons in 2015 with the series finale, the film is now actually following.

“We are immensely grateful to be able to deliver the promised film to fans 15 years later,” quoted industry website Deadline as saying Susan Rovner, a chair of NBCUniversal.

That is already known

“Community” fans will be able to look forward to numerous reunions with the stars of the series. So be loud “Deadline” already in the bag that Joel McHale (50, Jeff Winger), Danny Pudi (43, Abed Nadir), Alison Brie (39, Annie Edison), Gillian Jacobs (39, Britta Perry), Jim Rash (51, Craig Pelton) and Ken Jeon (53, Ben Chang ) will return to Greendale Community College. Series creator Dan Harmon (49) will also make the film.

However, some well-known stars will be missing: First and foremost Chevy Chase (78, Pierce Hawthorne), who had shot himself off with his behavior on the set towards his colleagues early after season four and was only allowed to make a guest appearance in the fifth. And Donald Glover (39, Troy Barnes) and Yvette Nicole Brown (51, Shirley Bennett), who left after season five, are said to be unavailable for the “Community” film. But many a fan will certainly hope for at least a short guest appearance by the two.

A target release date for “Community: The Movie” has not yet been announced.


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