Competition – The trophy for the best drops!

The match for the great award for top local wines has been decided! 12 top companies have won the Wine Trophy. We are giving away six winning packages of twelve bottles of the finalist wines of the Styrian Wine Trophy!

Wine enjoyment – despite the crisis! This was the motto of the 24th Wine Trophy of the Bad Gleichenberg Tourism Schools. 900 wines were sent in by Styrian winemakers, 14 jury members had the challenging task of testing the drops for heart and alcohol levels – and that under the supervision of notary Valentina Herk! There was another innovation: For the first time, the category “Prädikatswein” was included.

Here are the winners – the Pfeifer winery even came out on top in two categories!

  • sparkling wine: Sauvignon Blanc Sekt, Pauritsch, Wies
  • Schilcher 20: Schilcher Ried Langegg 2020, Schilcherweingut Friedrich, St. Stefan
  • Welschriesling 20: Welschriesling DAC 2020, Dietrich winery see Tischler, Gamlitz
  • Muscat 20: Gelber Muskateller DAC 2020, Weingut Kodolitsch, Leibnitz
  • Sauvignon Blanc 20: Sauvignon Blanc DAC 2020, Weingut Pugl, Großklein
  • Pinot Blanc 20: Pinot Blanc Schiefer DAC 2020, Lambauer Winery, Kitzeck
  • Morillon / Chardonnay 20: Chardonnay 2020, Weingut Gwaltl, Fehring
  • Aged Burgundy 19 & older: Pinot Blanc, Posch winery, Pischelsdorf / Kulm
  • Matured Sauvignon Blanc 19 & older: Sauvignon Blanc Premium Ried Hochstraden DAC 2019, Weinhof Ulrich, St. Anna / A.
  • Blauer Zweigelt 19 & older: Blauer Zweigelt 2019, Weingut Pfeifer, St. Anna / A.
  • Red wine diversity 20 and older: Eruption Red 2018, Weingut Pfeifer, St. Anna / A.
  • Traminer 20 and older: Gelber Traminer 2020, Domittner winery, Klöch
  • Predicate wine: Morillon Beerenauslese 2017, Landesweingut Silberberg, Leibnitz

We congratulate!

We are giving away six winning packages á twelve bottles of the finalist wines the Styrian Wine Trophy!