Completed Elden Ring? Let off steam in Dark Souls 3 playing Dante!

As shardless people around the world patiently await the announcement of DLC on Elden Ring, it is to another FromSoftware game that we turn today. In the same style as the company’s latest production, Dark Souls III also has something to give players in need of action a hard time.

In order to rekindle the flame of Lothric which is slowly dying out, the Deadflames will have to bring back the souls of the great Lords. A long quest which, like Elden Ring (which is a souls like so…), will lead players to face formidable bosses. Dark Souls III is therefore a real video game nugget that will console you for the lack of new content in Entre-terre. Let’s continue in the bridges between video game productions and see what it would look like if the third Souls opus met one of the main protagonists of a mythical license: Devil May Cry.

Dante in Dark Souls III, is it possible?

Devil May Cry is one of Capcom’s flagship games which, as its name suggests, immerses players in a fantasy world that does not give gifts to those who venture there. All populated by ruthless creatures, which Dante will have to face.

A universe that would almost resemble that of souls, if only… Oh no, it’s just been done! Dante who invites himself in Dark Souls III, that’s what it looks like.

The idea comes straight from BeeG, a mod developer accustomed to working around the Devil May Cry license, and especially its main protagonist. This mod therefore allows you to choose Dante from the class selection at the start of Dark Souls III. The result is more than stylish and every little detail of the Capcom character is respected, right down to the addition of his sword of rebellion.

The mod, released some time ago on NexusMods has already been downloaded about a thousand times. However, the creation of BeeG has attracted the attention of players around the world, and the videos around this mod so unusual record they tens of thousands of views.

Dante and Dark Souls seem like a working mix, though few suspected it. There is no doubt that BeeG will continue, in the future, to provide us with this type of unusual creations. Of course, we will be there to tell you about it!

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