Compressors in comparison: the classes are so different

Whether cleaning the car with a tornado gun, working with nail guns, sandblasting, painting or simply inflating tires – a compressor can be used in many ways. In the latter case in particular, a battery-operated, electric air pump could also be suitable.

Since a compressor can take on such different tasks, there are a corresponding number of types in many price ranges. Before you decide on a compressor, you should therefore consider what you need the device for or might need it in the future.

Among other things, the compressed air tank is important here, because while you do not need a tank at all for occasional inflation, for example, a compressed air tank with 20 to 25 liters is recommended for painting or simple screwing. For demanding compressed air tools, such as impact drills, you should choose a compressor with 50 liters or more. However, these models are very expensive and therefore usually not an alternative to electrically operated tools for hobby users.

Possible areas of application for a compressor

  • inflation
  • blow out
  • Drill
  • paint
  • chiseling
  • Clean
  • sandblasting
  • grind
  • screws
  • staple

In the following table we show you four recommended compressors in comparison, which are suitable for different purposes.

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