Concern after Trump’s statement: Federal Government: Maintain NATO quota for 2024

Concern after Trump’s statement
Federal Government: Maintain NATO quota for 2024

Former US President Trump is threatening non-paying NATO partners not to defend them if he is re-elected. As agreed, the federal government wants to spend two percent of GDP on defense this year. However, another question remains open.

The federal government has reiterated its goal of meeting the NATO quota for defense spending this year and also in the medium term. Deputy government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann did not want to directly evaluate Donald Trump’s statements about not defending defaulting NATO allies in the event of re-election.

Germany will spend 2 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defense this year, thereby complying with the agreement of the member states of the transatlantic defense alliance NATO. “In its security and defense policy, the federal government is clearly relying on the transatlantic alliance and the transatlantic community of values ​​and sees its security guaranteed in NATO,” said Hoffmann during the government press conference. “We rely on a strong and capable NATO.”

The NATO countries agreed in 2014 to increase defense spending towards the two percent target of gross domestic product by 2024. “And Germany is achieving this goal this year,” she said. At this moment she does not want to speculate about individual demands from the USA that we should go beyond 2 percent. “We are now committed to the two percent target and are determined to continue to adhere to it. We are very aware of the dangers that an imperialist Russia poses to Europe and what that means for the defense capability of Germany and NATO.” said Hoffmann.

Hoffmann also did not want to comment on the open question of financing defense spending for the years after 2027, when the Bundeswehr’s special funds will be exhausted. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Finance emphasized that the federal government would present its expenditure for the coming years as part of its medium-term financial planning by summer at the latest.

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