Concerts, theater & Co – since 1910: Kulturverein Drava celebrates 110th anniversary

The pandemic has postponed the celebration of the anniversary of the Drava Catholic Cultural Association, which has existed since 1910, for a year. The club celebrates its 110th anniversary on Saturday. Every year around 120 events – theater, concerts, workshops and language training – are organized.

“Actually, I came to the chair at the time purely by chance. Because 47 years ago the Catholic Association wanted to close the association because there had been no meeting for seven years, ”remembers Leonhard Katz. The Schwabegger has been the club chairman since he was 28 years old.

Around 100 members
Even before Katz took over, the club’s name had been changed several times. “The current name has been around for 58 years,” says Katz. The cultural association currently has around 100 members. Milestones include the founding of the instrumental group in 1978 or the “Oktet Suha” and the Suha children’s choir 40 years ago. Katz: “The children’s group has performed successful plays in the rectory for more than 15 years.”

Rosina Katz: “Our youngest child is the puppet theater group Lutke Suha.” Six years ago, they moved into the Kulturhaus, in which all groups rehearse and exhibitions, theater and concert evenings and workshops take place.