Conditional prison sentence – mother (23) stolen baby food on the Internet

It wasn’t designer bags or other luxury items that a Russian (23) living in Tyrol ordered online – it was baby food. Because she could not pay for the goods delivered and sometimes also bought under a false name, the young mother ended up in court shortly before the birth of her second child.

The father of their first baby was deported. She does not (yet) know who is the father of her second child, who will soon see the light of day. And the 23-year-old, who lives on minimum income and child benefit, has not yet had a job. Even reported to the police, her financially extremely precarious situation drove the single mother into crime. “I’m ashamed of what I’ve done,” the Russian showed remorse. It was she who pulled the cord and reported herself to the police. The woman had ordered baby food from several vendors on the Internet. “It got more and more and at some point it just didn’t work out,” said the defendant. Because she probably already knew that she couldn’t pay for the items, the 23-year-old didn’t use her real name for some of the orders. This resulted in damage of more than 2,000 euros. The pregnant woman does not have to go to prison. Judge Norbert Hofer imposed eight months conditional imprisonment for serious commercial fraud. The Russian woman accepted the verdict immediately.
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