Confessions of a Putinist

Oskar Kutschera is a 48-year-old actor and former host of the Russian army-supporting pop channel Muz-TV. Yuri Dud, Russia’s most popular blogger and opposition journalist, recently invited him to a three-hour interview. The interview appeared on YouTube on January 16th, was viewed more than fourteen million times in the first few days and continues to go viral. Because Kutschera reveals the way of thinking and the Putin electorate in the conversation, including a jumble of ideas and propaganda slogans. On YouTube you can see him like an exhibit in an exhibition about Russia. The majority supporting Putin, here it is: Seventy percent of the population merge into a nice, apolitical, basically peace-loving, non-analytical guy.

Kutschera claims that Moscow and Kyiv are equal for him, that as the son of a Ukrainian Jew he is half-Ukrainian. Like many Russians, he cannot answer the question of why Russia started the war. Apparently, the propaganda changed the official purpose of the military special operation too often. Only the basic concept remains: the war started because America wanted to weaken Russia to get out of its economic crisis and arranged a war in Europe. And Russia didn’t start the war to conquer Ukraine, no! Although the September referendums in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions, of course, represented a conquest of Ukrainian lands. But Kutschera doesn’t understand a lot about this war, he’s actually against war, war is terrible. But now he could not turn against his country and its army. He supports Putin because he is on Russia’s side and the longer the war lasts, the more he trusts him.

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