Confident sentences in a relationship – take courage!

There are just things that need to be said. Women with a high level of self-worth do not find it difficult to formulate these sentences in the relationship.

Are you one of those women who often find it difficult to tell their partner what they want or don't want? The good news: You are not alone with this problem. The bad: you are not alone with this problem. Because every woman who undermines her opinion in the relationship is one too many! Confident women are not afraid to say the following sentences out loud. Maybe you will try it harder? You will see – the consequences will not be so bad after all. On the contrary, it can only enrich your relationship.

1. "I don't want this"

Whether it's visiting your in-laws or moving: No matter what it is – if you don't want something, you don't have to be or do it. And it should be natural to formulate this desire in a relationship. Think of it this way: You would want your partner to speak to you openly too, right?

2. "It hurts me when you …"

It's no secret that in a partnership you should talk about your feelings. And the feeling of vulnerability is particularly important because it is very strong. The sentence: "It hurts me when you" affects the partner much more than "I don't like it when you" because he becomes aware of the consequences his behavior can have. To cut a long story short: there are just a few words – pronounce them!

3. "I wish …"

It is equally important to address what is missing. Because that too can hurt. Too often we talk about the things that bother us, but less about what could make life better. A simple "I've been missing our cuddling together in the evening lately" can change so much!

4. "I need time for myself"

It may read dramatically at the first few letters, but it is absolutely not. Because that just means that you are so important to yourself that you take your freedom. Do you have a clingy partner and are you afraid of offending them? This is a problem that HE has to work on in the first place – that is not your responsibility. So don't be afraid to claim your need for space. At the same time, of course, you can offer to help your partner learn to let go.

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