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In full confinement, some citizens continue to be fined for shopping more than one kilometer from their place of residence. This is the case of Anne-Charlotte Noël, who nevertheless wanted to follow the advice of the government to consume locally to help the agricultural sector, hard hit by the drastic measures taken to fight the epidemic of Covid-19. According to the newspaper Capital, this resident of Milhaud in the Gard, was fined by the police on April 3, for having gone, (with her certificate of displacement), to the Farmers' Mas, located five kilometers from her home. Too far according to the police. Convinced that she was in her right, the young woman filed an appeal with the police station of Nîmes to contest this fine of 135 €.

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Do we have the right to shop more than 1 kilometer from our home?

Interpretations of the derogatory displacement certificate differ according to the police, yet the government is clear on the subject. During an inter-ministerial crisis cell, the question was finally decided, informs The Telegram. According to the new decree, outings limited to one hour per day and one kilometer around the home are those related to individual physical activity, walking and the needs of pets. Regarding essential purchases, there is no time or distance limit. The instructions still remain to limit travel as much as possible and always bring your certificate, at the risk of being fined up to 135 € fine.

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The maximum distance of one kilometer therefore does not concern races, medical appointments or business trips. The French are still called to show common sense: it is advisable to concentrate your purchases in the same place, as often as possible, and in a supermarket that stays nearby, even if it is not necessarily the closest . If you have no other option than to go several kilometers to refuel, it is possible. But remaining reasonable.

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