Confirmation gifts: this is where the best ideas come from

Confirmation gifts
Every confirmation is happy about these ideas

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Are you a guest at a confirmation and want to contribute a present? The best ideas for gifts for confirmation come here. Whether traditional, personal or unusual – there is something for everyone.

Confirmation is an important event in order to profess the Catholic faith. And of course, gifts are also part of a big occasion. Here are the best tips for gifts for confirmation.

Confirmation gifts: creative monetary gifts

If you want to keep it traditional, gifts of money for confirmation are always welcome. In order not to just hand over money in an envelope, there are numerous ideas for creatively wrapping money.

Your confirmation person wants to save for something, but has no space to properly store his money? Perfect! A filled one Money boxthat fits the recipient makes saving easier and looks cool too. A colorful print, a money box that doesn’t look like a money box or a simple variant always works. The money box can also fit the theme of the confirmation.

About these Money box Every confirmation is sure to be happy and it can even be personalized.

A money box is not creative enough as a gift of money? There are small ones to match the confirmation characters in different forms in which the money is put. These Wooden figure in angel shape can even be engraved.

Confirmation gifts: give experiences

Confirmation is a special occasion. So it stands to reason that another one for the confirmant special event to give. For example, this can be a company that has been on the wish list for a long time. There are no limits for your creativity. A trip to an amusement park, for example, is a lot of fun.

Also Gift boxes with extraordinary excursion destinations or adventurous experiences can be shared with the confirmed and really weld together. Your confirmation person, for example, has always wanted a riddle in the Escape room to solve? With this present nothing stands in the way of him!

Confirmation gifts: personalized

They are particularly suitable for an occasion like confirmation personalized gifts. They are tailored to the recipient and can even have a meaning. Important when finding a personalized gift: Who is it going to and what does the person particularly like?

For example, this can be a Piece of jewelry be that through a engraving gets a personal touch. Tealights or cups can also be personalized with the name and confirmation date and are a great reminder of this significant event.

This one Tealight holder comes in different colors and can be engraved individually. This gives the gift a personal touch.

Confirmation gifts: best wishes

For a special occasion like confirmation, we wish the confirmed all the best. And we can either formulate the wishes ourselves and put them on paper or we can choose a book that summarizes our wishes. A bookwhich thematically fits the confirmation is particularly suitable. Another nice idea is to choose a book that supports and promotes the confirmant in the life of faith. Ask yourself what you want the confirmation person and what you want to pass on to him and then choose the right gift.

This book combines encouraging thoughts and best wishes for confirmation.

Confirmation gifts: jewelry

Your confirmation can be enthusiastic about jewelry? Then a high quality one Chain or a bracelet an ideal gift. Whether silver, gold or rose. When it comes to jewelry, there is something for every taste.

These Chain comes from a special collection called “Pray & Love”. It is available in gold, silver and rose. The small pendant in the shape of an angel is not only timeless, but can also serve as a protector or a lucky charm.

Filigree necklaces and bracelets are not quite the right thing? Then how about a stylish one leather band?
This bracelet is made of black leather and features stainless steel details. A real eye-catcher on every wrist!

Confirmation gifts: plants

Flowers are always a great confirmation gift, but they are often seen. Your confirmation has fallen for the plant trend? Perfect, because Green plants are not only more creative and an eye-catcher in the apartment, you can also pack and present them with a beautiful flower pot. From “rubber tree” to “monstera” everything is allowed.

These “Monstera” With a beautiful planter, every plant heart beats faster!

Confirmation gifts: fragrances

Let’s come to an absolute all-rounder gift: Den Scents. No matter whether male, female, unisex – flowery, fresh, wooden, sweet. You never go wrong with a fragrance. Perhaps you already know which fragrances your confirmation person likes best. If not, it’s best to rely on the classic fragrances.

Confirmation gifts: vouchers

An option that always fits. Just give your confirmation person a nicely wrapped one Voucher. So he can choose his own gift. Your confirmation girl loves clothes and is always after the latest trends? Then you will never go wrong with a coupon for a fashion store. Have you always wanted to try out a restaurant or refurbish your room? You will also find the right voucher for this. Of course, every voucher can also become a shared experience. Just go on a shopping tour together or treat yourself to a delicious dinner.

This Voucher makes every interior heart beat faster.

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