Connected household appliances arouse the curiosity of the French

Nearly 80% of French people believe that connected objects make it easier to perform household chores. In any case, this is one of the data that emerges from the first barometer published by the Haier Europe group.

Connected household appliances are not yet commonplace in French homes. They still arouse the curiosity of many of us, since more than six out of ten French people would like to try such a device. Among the coveted objects, and not surprisingly, we find robot vacuum cleaners: 45% of the curious would indeed like to rely on this device to clean their floor. Just behind are connected washing machines (with 39%), then refrigerators and ovens (at 34%).

Better living comfort

If the French are therefore not all equipped with connected objects, they are almost 79% to think that these devices make life easier during household chores. And what could be better than saving a few minutes of our precious time? This desire is especially felt among those under 35 years old. Indeed, 76% of them perceive connected objects as essential allies, because these devices reduce the time spent on household chores.

Some respondents bet on a better sharing of household chores within the home. They are actually 33% to believe that connected appliances would encourage their spouse to get more involved in home maintenance.

For the Haier Europe group, all this data is important and says a lot about the behavior of consumers in France. “This first barometer allows us to observe the desire of the French to move towards connected household appliances, which can provide them with more comfort in order to significantly improve their quality of life”says Vincent Rotger.

More thoughtful consumption

The President of Haier Europe also notes “a real desire for them [les Français] to equip themselves with more virtuous intelligent solutions.” Consumers would be inclined to consume thoughtfully and not compulsively. An encouraging observation when we know that on average a French person throws away between 16 and 20 kg of electrical or electronic equipment each year, according to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) ; knowing that this quantity increases by 3 to 5% per year.

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