Consequence of the race in Suzuka: Formula 1 reacts to a life-threatening situation

Consequence of races in Suzuka
Formula 1 reacts to a life-threatening situation

Better communication, more monitoring of where the cars are on the track: The world association FIA changed the safety requirements for Formula 1 after the Japanese Grand Prix. Pierre Gasly almost collided with a clearance vehicle there.

The world automotive association FIA has reacted to the sometimes chaotic events at the Japanese Grand Prix and has issued a number of new procedural recommendations in Formula 1. The adjustments, which mainly cover safety issues due to the near-collision in Suzuka between Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) and a safety vehicle, are to be implemented at the US Grand Prix on Sunday (9 p.m. CEST / Sky and in the live ticker at .

The Frenchman Gasly had almost raced past a recovery vehicle during a safety car phase in poor visibility. Memories of the serious accident in Suzuka in 2014, which cost his friend Jules Bianchi his life, were awakened. The rainy race was already interrupted at this point. Gasly was still on the track because he had changed parts in the pit lane during the safety car period and was following the field. Numerous drivers expressed their lack of understanding for the potentially life-threatening incident and called for the regulations to be adjusted.

The repetition of such a situation should be avoided in the future, among other things through improved communication channels or the development of a live monitoring window that shows the status of all vehicles during safety car phases and can be used by race control. Meanwhile, the FIA ​​​​examination commission found “that in retrospect it would have been advisable to postpone the use of the recovery vehicles on the track because of the changing weather conditions,” it said in a statement.

The scoring of the shortened Japan race was also the subject of the FIA ​​investigation. After the end of the race, there was initially confusion about Red Bull driver Max Verstappen winning the title. According to the FIA, the rules were applied correctly. However, the wording of the regulations is to be revised for greater clarity. It is about the passage that says how many points there should be if 25, 50 or 75 percent of the planned race distance is completed.

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