Conservatives refuse vaccine: Fauci attacks Republican vaccine opponents

Conservatives refuse vaccine
Fauci attacks Republican vaccination opponents

The USA vaccinates in chord – but not everyone is willing to take the spades. The skepticism lies mainly in the conservative camp: According to a study, 45 percent of Republicans do not want to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Immunologist Fauci sharply criticizes the objectors.

Despite the rapid vaccination campaign in the USA, a large part of the population is not ready to have the vaccine injected. The willingness of the Republicans in particular is low: 45 percent of their supporters want to join a nationwide campaign study of the renowned Quinnipiac University do not get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

US immunologist Anthony Fauci is frustrated by the lack of support from the ranks of the conservatives for the vaccination campaign. The worryingly large proportion of Republicans who do not want to be vaccinated are working against the very goal they want to achieve, he told CNN. Many conservative voters would see the measures taken to contain the pandemic as a significant restriction on their fundamental rights. “But the way to get rid of these limitations is to vaccinate as many people as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Fauci said.

The expert finds the attitude of the Republican immunization refusals paradoxical. On the one hand they want to be freed from restrictions, on the other hand they don’t want to be vaccinated. “That does not make sense.” Currently it is a public health issue and not a civil liberty issue. Previously, Fauci had clashed with Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican congressman. When Jordan asked when the Americans would “get their freedoms back,” Fauci responded clearly. “We’re not talking about freedoms here. We’re talking about a pandemic that killed 560,000 Americans.”

Vaccination speed defies vaccination skepticism

In relation to all Americans, there is less skepticism. 27 percent of Americans say they don’t plan on getting the Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccination campaign has so far been able to defy the divided opinion: 50.4 percent of all adults in the USA have received at least one vaccine dose, 32.5 percent are already fully protected. Meanwhile, Fauci warns that the country is still in a “precarious position”.

Almost a week ago, the US authorities recommended suspending vaccinations with the corona vaccine from Johnson & Johnson because of possible serious side effects. Fauci told the broadcaster ABC that he assumed that it would be clarified by Friday whether the vaccinations with the vaccine of the US manufacturer could be resumed.