Constipation: I can’t have a bowel movement on vacation, why and what should I do? Answers from a gastroenterologist: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It’s finally the holidays. No more worries of daily life, children’s homework and the subway, work, bed routine. To make the most of it, you choose a destination to break away from the monotony of everyday life. But after a few days in your little paradise, a shadow comes to tarnish the picture. You cannot have a bowel movement. Is this normal and should we be concerned?

On the social network Instagram, Dr. Joseph Salhab, gastroenterologist, also known under the pseudonym @thastronomiedoc, discusses this phenomenon of constipation following the testimony of an Internet user, the latter claiming to have “like intestinal failure” as soon as she goes on vacation.

Constipation on vacation: how to explain it?

In his video, Dr. Joseph Salhab specifies that it is a “common phenomenon”. Indeed, as the doctor explains, when going on vacation, it is not uncommon to notice that the number of bowel movements differs from that of everyday life. The specialist puts forward two reasons.

When traveling, choices are limited and the public toilet solution is still not the ideal place. “Either we are uncomfortable or it is unsanitary,” specifies the gastroenterologist who notes that “often we hold back”.

The second explanation is that of the rhythm of life. Indeed, during the holidays, diet and sleep rhythm suddenly change and disrupt the circadian cycle. “Studies have shown that the more jet lag you have, the more constipated you may be,” adds the specialist.

Constipation: how to smooth out intestinal transit on vacation?

To avoid these inconveniences, which can impact the quality of your vacation, the gastroenterologist has created “a travel kit for going to the toilet”. Here is the specialist’s advice.

To begin with, food play an important role. Indeed, Dr Joseph Salhab recommends eat fruits rich in fiber in order to “stimulate intestinal movements”. To accompany these fruits, the expert advises making sure to drink enough water.

According to the specialist, the magnesium citrate helps regulate the circadian rhythm, but also, in his case, helps to evacuate stools.

If you start to experience symptoms of constipation, you can also add coffeewhich can allow “stimulate the movement of the colon”. Likewise, magnesium oxide “may have a laxative effect” specifies the specialist. When you are on the throne, posture can also play a role. It is then advisable to raise your feet.

Finally, citing one of his old videos, Dr. Joseph Salhab reminds us that entering a store to go shopping can help trigger a desire to have a bowel movement.

If you have any doubts or if the phenomenon persists, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

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