Constructive negotiation possible: EVG demands Bahn back to the negotiating table

Constructive negotiation possible
EVG demands Bahn back to the negotiating table

Are EVG and Deutsche Bahn coming together again? If it’s up to the union, yes. She sees the possibility of constructive negotiations and calls on Deutsche Bahn to return to the negotiating table. She is silent on possible strikes.

In the collective bargaining dispute at Deutsche Bahn, the EVG union has called on the group to return to the negotiating table. “Ultimately, those who leave the negotiation room must come back at some point,” argued the EVG. The top negotiators at Deutsche Bahn were invited to a meeting with EVG collective bargaining boards Cosima Ingenschay and Kristian Loroch. “We certainly see opportunities to find a basis for constructive negotiations. We want to talk about that calmly.” Of possible warning strikes was not mentioned in the statement. On Wednesday, the EVG described such as inevitable in the current situation.

The union is negotiating wages and salaries for a total of around 230,000 employees with Deutsche Bahn and 50 other companies in the industry. The focus is on the negotiations with Deutsche Bahn, where around 180,000 of these employees work. The union demands a fixed amount of at least 650 euros per month or twelve percent for the upper wage brackets. According to their ideas, the term should be one year.

During the negotiations at the end of May, the railways had gradually promised twelve percent for the lower wage groups. The middle groups should get a total of ten percent more and the upper groups eight percent. The first stage of the increase is expected to come later this year. In addition, there would also be a gradual inflation compensation premium totaling 2,850 euros, which could be paid tax- and duty-free from July. The term should be two years.

The EVG rejected this employer offer. As a result, Bahn HR Director Martin Seiler initially rejected further negotiations.

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