Content Warning passes the milestone of one million copies sold – Gamosaurus

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Content Warning passes the milestone of one million copies sold – Gamosaurus

Often compared to Lethal Company since its release on April 1, Content Warning achieved a very good launch. A start amply helped by the fact that the title was free for the first day of its operation. This allowed the cooperative horror game to reach 6.6 million downloads. But this success does not stop there. After two weeks of existence, Content Warning passes the million sales milestone.

It must be said that the title was able to find a recipe that works. The principle is simple, players in the shoes of budding videographers must make videos to prove themselves on SpöökTube. To do this, they must explore The Old World, a dark area where there are many unidentified creatures. The more creepy creatures our explorers manage to film, the more views on each video will increase. Enough to make enough money to invest in new equipment and thus push their adventure even further.

A simple concept therefore and which allows Content Warning
to display an average of 38,000 daily players. The day after its launch, the game reached a peak of more than 204,000 simultaneous players.

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