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Patients say they suffer from the consequences of incorrect medical investigations. They were all at PMEDA.

It’s the incredible story of a man who feels duped by an investigator and who recently learned the criminal case had been dropped. Kassensturz already reported in 2018 about the incorrect medical report.

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He had a managerial position at Swisscom and suffered a nervous breakdown and a heart attack. He never recovers from that. Working is no longer possible. The daily sickness benefits insurance sent him to a psychiatrist from the expert company PMEDA for clarification. There he secretly records the conversation. With the sound recording, he can later show in the cash register that the report does not match the recording. The report includes tests that the psychiatrist didn’t even do. The appraisal company PMEDA says their appraisal was carefully prepared. Because of these secretly made sound recordings, a criminal complaint was filed against the manager and the editor – by a PMEDA expert.

A year after the Kassensturz report, the ex-Swisscom manager still received an IV pension of CHF 940.

“You’re not really listening”

Now four other people affected go public and report in the Kassensturz about their experiences with the appraisal company PMEDA: “You don’t feel any empathy in these discussions. Absolutely zero,” “I don’t think they’re really listening,” or “the tone of voice is commanding, like on an army compound.” PMEDA rejects the allegations: “These clarifications can be uncomfortable for those affected. The tone of conversation during PMEDA investigations is therefore always reserved and professional.»

We have seen that a very large number of PMEDA reports are always at the expense of the insured and not at the expense of the insurance company.

Rémy Wyssmann is a patient rights lawyer. His law firm represents several PMEDA patients. «We have seen that a very large number of PMEDA reports are always at the expense of the insured and not at the expense of the insurance company. That needs to be explained.” PMEDA denies that: There are “no statistically relevant figures” that would properly support this statement. According to the Federal Supreme Court, the conclusion that PEMEDA shows a “strong deviation from the statistical mean” in terms of work ability is wrong.

The former Swisscom manager filed a criminal complaint with the Zurich public prosecutor’s office in 2018. Against the psychiatrist and the head of the appraisal company. In April 2023, the public prosecutor’s office discontinued the proceedings. The ex-Swisscom manager’s lawyer is disappointed: “We were very surprised by the hiring order. It’s really very incomprehensible.” Now he has lodged a complaint. The senior public prosecutor’s office in Zurich writes: “Because the proceedings are still ongoing, we cannot answer any questions.”

Nine criminal proceedings are ongoing

Kassensturz knows: There are nine criminal charges against PMEDA experts. The presumption of innocence applies to them. PMEDA writes: “Medical reports are constantly being challenged in court. It’s about a lot of money. (…) Anyone and everyone can file criminal charges, even if they are unfounded.» To date, there have been no judgments according to which PEMEDA experts had misconducted in any way. The ex-Swisscom manager is devastated: “I’m financially ruined and I have high debts.”

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