Cookies: the Cnil closes an injunction pronounced against Facebook

The personal data policeman sent a fine of 60 million euros to the social network on December 31.

The National Commission for Computing and Freedoms (Cnil), French policeman of privacy, announced Thursday the closure of an injunction against Facebook concerning advertising tracers to its users, the social network having implemented a solution. within the time allowed.

In December, the Cnil imposed a fine of 60 million on Facebook – which the group paid – and left a period of 3 months to allow its users to refuse cookies as easily as to accept them, as required by the regulations. European Union on data protection, under penalty of a fine of 100,000 euros per day.

In view of the response provided within the time limit” by Facebook, “which has set up a decline button titled ‘Only allow essential cookies’ above the opt-in button titled ‘Allow essential and optional cookies’“, the restricted formation of the Cnil considered on July 11 that the social network “had complied with the injunction“.

New controls

Nevertheless, “this closing decision does not prejudge the CNIL’s analysis of the compliance of the new cookie consent windows“, warns the Cnil, which does not rule out future checks on the social network to verify that the new information panels are sufficiently clear and make it possible to collect “purpose-by-purpose consent“.

Together with the sanction against Facebook, the Cnil had also pronounced a record fine of 150 million euros against Google for not having allowed cookies to be simply refused on its search engine and the Youtube video platform, and had matched this sanction of an injunction under penalty, not lifted to date.

Google announced in April that it hadcarried out a complete overhaul of (its) approach, in particular by modifying the infrastructure we use to manage cookies“, he wrote in a blog post.

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