Cool e-cars – BYD: These three Chinese are coming to us this year

The number of Chinese cars will probably increase sharply in the foreseeable future: The domestic multi-brand dealership will start selling vehicles from the “Build Your Dreams” brand, or BYD for short, this year, which is currently making a big appearance at the Paris Motor Show. “Krone” motor editor Stephan Schätzl took the opportunity to take a closer look at the first three models that we are launching – here in the video!

It is probably the right time for a major Chinese market offensive in Europe: drivers are running out of money, cars are expensive and delivery times are getting longer. BYD wants to offer a lot of cars for relatively little money – and they don’t have any delivery problems because they hardly use any supplier parts. Driving the cars will be exciting, but they were first presented statically to the public in Paris before they are exported to Austria, among other places. There will be six models in total by the end of next year, from mini-SUVs to limousines and seven-seaters -SUV, all electric, one will alternatively be available as a plug-in hybrid. The German Wolfgang Egger, who has already worked for Audi and Alfa Romeo, is responsible for the design. With three series, things can now go very quickly, and they should be available this year. Exactly when is not yet certain.BYD Atto 3The 4.45 meter long compact Stromer is provisionally available as an entry-level model. With 150 kW/204 hp and a range of 420 km, fully equipped including high-tech assistants and a rotating touchscreen, it should be available from around 40,000 euros. The 60 kWh battery can allegedly be charged with up to 150 kW, but it still takes half an hour to get from 30 to 80 percent charge. Don’t be fooled: Many other manufacturers also state half an hour, but mostly for 10 to 80 percent. The Atto 3 can also score points with its excellent EuroNCAP crash test result, which has just been published. The interior is spacious and a bit trendy , compared to the other two early starters, it seems far less valuable. But even in the base, the Atto 3 comes with a large rotating touchscreen – a trademark of the BYDs.BYD HanThe five-meter limousine Han initially represents the opposite pole in the program. Noble interior with artificial leather instead of real leather and thanks to 2.92 meters Wheelbase lots of space. Despite the flat roofline, you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to headroom in the second row. The range is also strong: the 85.4 kWh battery should be good for 521 kilometers if you don’t exhaust the 380 kW/517 hp and 700 Nm. If it does, then the hundred falls after 3.9 seconds thanks to all-wheel drive. Despite the 570-volt network, the manufacturer specifies only 120 kW as the charging capacity; here, too, 30-80% lasts a weak 30 minutes. The price list here is said to start at around 70,000 eurosBYD TangThe price also applies to the Tang, the brand’s second flagship. It is an E-segment SUV and measures 4.87 meters in length and 1.73 meters in height. The car comes as a seven-seater, but it cannot be described as full-fledged in this respect. However, there is no lack of space in the two front rows of seats. The battery stores 86 kWh, which means a WLTP range of just 400 kilometers for the 2.5-ton vehicle. And here, too, the manufacturer states 30 minutes for a 30-80 percent charge, despite 640 volts on-board voltage. The 380 kW/517 hp drive with 680 Nm heaves the SUV to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, like the Han reaches the Tang a top speed of 180 km/h. In the summer of 2023, the Seal limousine will follow one class below the Han, followed by a B-segment SUV called Dolphin and a 4.70 meter long D-segment SUV called Song and alternatively also will be sold as a plug-in hybrid. The dealer network will be established immediately.
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