Cora Schumacher: Why Corinna Schumacher impresses you so much

Cora Schumacher calls Corinna Schumacher a "great woman". What impresses the wife of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher so much.

Cora Schumacher (43) still feels connected to his family five years after separating from ex-husband Ralf Schumacher (45). Above all, her former sister-in-law Corinna Schumacher (51) made an impression. "I am one hundred percent behind Corinna," said Cora Schumacher in an interview with "Gala" magazine.

Corinna's husband and Cora's ex-brother-in-law, Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher (51), had a serious accident in a skiing accident in 2013. A traumatic brain injury, an artificial coma and a long period of rehabilitation were the result. Since then, his wife Corinna, former European champion in reining western riding and mother of two, has been managing family life. Cora Schumacher is impressed by so much strength: "She is a great woman, I take my hat off to her seven times a day."

Looking for new happiness in love

Cora Schumacher is single. After divorcing ex-racing driver Ralf Schumacher after 14 years of marriage, she "didn't always have the best hand" with men, as she said herself. She now wants to find the right partner on TV. What does the 43-year-old imagine? "A certain attraction is the prerequisite." In addition, "a certain intellect" and "healthy humor" are important.

She doesn't need a lot of fanfare. She had enough with Ralf Schumacher. "I was suddenly in public and had to adapt my life. It wasn't easy for me," said Cora Schumacher in an interview. She had "fame, money, success, prestige, (…) but that is exactly what often took my breath away". For the future, she would like to have a partner by her side with whom she could "live a certain normality".