Corona aid required: Many breweries are facing the end

Many breweries already suffer losses at the first lockdown, but thanks to reserves they can survive the crisis to some extent. The renewed closure of all catering establishments is now probably pushing many to their limits. The associations are demanding appropriate support from the state.

The associations of the German brewing industry fear the continued existence of numerous breweries due to the corona pandemic and are demanding help from the state. "The small and medium-sized breweries were mostly able to survive the first gastro lockdown thanks to financial reserves, but the second lockdown is now pushing many businesses to the limits of their existence," said a joint declaration by the German Brewers' Association (DBB) and the Association of Private Breweries in Germany (VPB).

The associations demand "targeted financial support to secure a livelihood". This has been lacking so far, criticize Brauer-Bund President Jörg Lehmann and VPB President Detlef Projahn in the statement. Suppliers to the hospitality industry would largely fall under the table in the aid programs of the federal and state governments for sectors in need.

The sales achieved in the trade could not nearly compensate for the loss of the catering business, emphasize the associations. In addition, breweries were also less than tenants of restaurants. The brewers therefore insist on "fair bridging aid for clear future prospects".

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