Corona aktuell: How do the self-tests, rapid tests, antibody tests for at home work?

Corona tests are to become a pillar in combating the pandemic. The first self-tests for the home are now available. We tried self, gargle, and antibody tests – how do they work?

Until recently they were in short supply, now they are to be made available to everyone: Corona tests are flooding the market. In the future, you should not only be able to have yourself tested for the corona virus at official locations – but simply be able to carry out the test at home.

Anyone looking for corona tests on the Internet will get a wide range of results. But caution is required here. On the one hand, they are often still professional products that are only suitable for the medical field. On the other hand, not all of them produce the same result. There are now both antigen tests that indicate an acute corona infection and antibody tests that in turn indicate a previous one. We have tested various models and shed light on the test jungle.


In Germany, four products have currently received special approval – and that within a very short time. They are specially designed for home use, which means that anyone can do them themselves. We are gradually testing them and starting with Clinitest, which is sold by Siemens in Germany.

CLINITEST self-test for the nose

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Surname: CLINITEST Rapid COVID-19 Self-Test distributed by Siemens Healthineer

Price: currently around 7.50 euros per test, 150 euros for a pack of 20

Safety: According to the manufacturer, 97.25 percent sensitivity with a correct nasal swab

How does the test work?

  1. Put the test tube in the enclosed workstation.
  2. Add 10 drops of buffer solution to the tube.
  3. Pull the swab out of the pack at the end, do not touch the tip.
  4. Insert swabs 2-4cm deep into the left and right nostrils. Roll against the inside of the nostril at least 5 times per side.
  5. Place swabs in the tube. Mix well, roll at least 6 times against the walls of the tube and the floor. Wait 1 minute.
  6. Squeeze the tube several times from the outside to squeeze out the swabs. Dispose of the swab afterwards.
  7. Put the cap on the tube.
  8. Open the test cassette and place it on a level surface. Apply exactly 4 droplets of the solution from the tube to the test field.
  9. Set the timer to 15 minutes.
  10. Read the result lines: C – negative, C and T – positive, T – invalid

Application: The instruction manual is very precise, which helps not to make mistakes. One should also specifically adhere to it in order to get a sure result. The nasal swab is a bit uncomfortable, but you should trust yourself and really go into the nose properly. Important: Disinfect your hands before the test and then safely dispose of the material!

Conclusion: Easy and, above all, fast. The included test station ensures clear handling. Nevertheless, you should read the instructions carefully in order to get the most meaningful result possible and take some time.

Salocor Corona spit test

Corona current: Spechel test self-test from Salocor

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Surname: Salocor SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Spit Test marketed by HWV

Price: currently around € 9.40 per test, € 235 for the 25-pack available from HWV-Med.

Is currently still in approval, which is planned for the next few weeks.

Safety: According to the manufacturer, 89.9 percent sensitivity when used correctly

How does the test work?

  1. Prepare the collection tube, saliva collector, ampoule with test liquid, pipette and test strips
  2. Put the collection tube and the saliva collector together
  3. Collect the saliva in the oral cavity beforehand and do not drink any liquids beforehand. That falsifies the result.
  4. Hold the saliva collector to your lips and let the saliva flow into the collector / tube
  5. Remove the saliva collector
  6. The saliva volume must be between two lines on the scale
  7. If the saliva volume is too large, use the pipette to minimize
  8. Open the ampoule with the test liquid and fill it into the collection tube
  9. Remove the saliva collector
  10. Close the collection tube and hold the cap closed with your finger and shake vigorously
  11. Place 3 drops on the test strip
  12. After 10 minutes the result can be read – read the result lines: C – negative, C and T – positive, T – invalid

Application: In order to achieve a reliable result, I did not drink anything for two hours before the test and collected my saliva in the oral cavity for about 15 minutes. At first you are a little overwhelmed by all the small accessories of the test. The box with the test looked like a small chemistry kit to me. The very well explained operating instructions took away my initial skepticism and in no time I had my test result, which was negative. Then I also tested my children, which worked smoothly with a little patience.

Conclusion: The simple application without the uncomfortable insertion of a stick in the throat or nasal cavity inspired me. For my 1st test of this kind, everything went well. This test is particularly useful when you want to test children. With smaller children, of course, you have to be a little more patient until the required amount of saliva comes together.

Antibody tests

AProof coronavirus antibody test

Surname: AProof coronavirus antibody test from Adversis Pharma

Price: 49 euros

Safety: Specificity 99.4 percent, sensitivity 100 percent

How does the test work?

  1. Wash your hands! Then disinfect the fingertip with the alcohol wipe,
  2. Have the filter card ready, open the lancet. Prick the side of the disinfected finger.
  3. Drip blood on at least two of the four circles. Then plaster.
  4. Let the filter card dry with blood for 60 minutes.
  5. Pack in the sample bag and the stamped envelope, send off.
  6. Create a customer account on the Aproof website with the enclosed access code. Wait for the result.

Application: Actually made very easy. Actually, because it takes some effort to trigger the lancet. You also need a little patience and accuracy to saturate the filter card with blood. But: Everything is feasible and done quickly, it really doesn't hurt and is easy to do at home.

Conclusion: When you get the result depends above all on the post office. After receiving the sample, you should receive an email within one to two days or check the portal directly to see whether you have corona antibodies in your blood. Attention: The test only indicates a previous corona infection, does not indicate an active one! Therefore, it should not be carried out until at least 14 days after symptoms have occurred.

This article will be updated continuously.