Corona Aktuell: What can I do at Easter – what not?


Easter is just around the corner – and this year is a slightly different festival than we are used to. "A pandemic knows no holidays," announced Chancellor Angela Merkel recently. The exit restrictions and contact bans were extended in the course of this. After Easter, the measures should then be re-evaluated, reports, among other things, the "Tagesschau".

This means not only an extension of another two weeks – but especially over the Easter days. Public events such as Easter fires are falling flat, and even worship services are now to be digitally transmitted. Any gathering of more than two people outside a household is still prohibited.


What else can I do at Easter? We answer the most common questions.

Can I visit my family at Easter?

In general, doctors have been advising us not to visit the family for a few weeks now. The risk of infection is too great – after all, the coronavirus can also be carried and spread unnoticed. Angela Merkel also strongly advised against family visits in her communication from April 1st: Contacts should be reduced to an "absolute minimum". Family visits should consequently be absent this year. However, life partners can still be visited.

But: Even if no specific measures for your own four walls were mentioned, contacts should be kept to a minimum, as the Chancellor emphasized again. According to ZDF, private celebrations are also prohibited.

Can I take an Easter trip?

According to the exit restrictions, you can still leave the house for walks, but only for two or with members of your own household. Contacts should also be minimized here: "This also applies in Germany and for national day trips," said Merkel.

In some states, such as Schleswig-Holstein, tourists are also prohibited. There may be checks at the national borders and visitors may be sent home again.

Can I grill or picnic in the park?

Many people are now thinking about moving their Easter gatherings to fresh air – after all, nice weather is expected. Again, this is a bad idea. The ban on contact prohibits public gatherings of any kind. The public should be alone, in pairs or with members of the household. Larger assemblies are prohibited and will be dissolved by the police and sanctioned if necessary. The federal states have now published new fines catalogs, the fines can range from 150 to 5,000 euros. The federal police refer to the websites of the individual federal states.

The regular exit restrictions apply at Easter – here you will find an overview.

Can I look for Easter eggs in my own garden?

Naturally! Again, this is positive news: children can continue to search for Easter eggs in their own garden. Members of their own household can also have a nice day in the garden and enjoy the weather.

Is an Easter fire allowed?

Public Easter fires must fail this year. Most federal states have also prohibited large Easter fires on private lots with many guests. But: Everyone can hold a small Easter fire in their own garden as long as it meets the conditions of the ban on contact.

All in all: Even if it is difficult, we should all try to get by this Easter without a family party. Our health is more important – and we are all the more looking forward to the time after the corona crisis. Therefore Easter does not have to be canceled: We have 5 ways for you how you can still celebrate without being physically with your family.