Corona consequences – Tyrolean health director has to vacate space!

A bang in Tyrol! According to “Krone” information, Thomas Pollak is said to have been withdrawn! The many open construction sites in Corona management are likely to be the main reason for this step. Elmar Rizzoli, head of the Tyrolean Crisis and Disaster Management Center, on the other hand, is still firmly in the saddle – at least that’s what LH Günther Platter (ÖVP) is close to.

At the beginning of February 2021, Pollak took up his new position as health director. The health department is the roof for the state medical department and the Tyrolean hospitals. Other areas include the public health service, health law, the nursing department and the state veterinary administration. Rohrer Commission laid the foundation stone This position – like that of Rizzoli – was newly created by LH Platter in autumn / winter 2020 – in accordance with the recommendations of the report of the independent expert commission around Ronald Rohrer, which mainly deals with the Tyrol’s corona crisis management Investigated the Ischgl affair and in the course of this also came to misjudgments – the “Krone” reported on it in detail. Until his new challenge, Pollak held the office of administrative director at the St. Johann hospital in Tyrol. “With Thomas Pollak we were able to win an experienced personality for the newly created organizational unit”, LH Platter emphasized with pride at the time. Hot discussion about the vaccination rate But as it now shows, he may have been wrong. Because now, nine months after Pollak’s inauguration, the motto is: end, end, over! On Monday of this week there should have been an emergency meeting. One topic that was hotly debated was said to have been the unsatisfactory vaccination rate in Tyrol. This is still around 64 percent. The “Krone” has shown several times that everything is not going well with the Covid-19 vaccination in Tyrol – keyword: hours of waiting despite the vaccination appointment; Selected vaccines that were suddenly no longer available in vaccination centers; Those willing to vaccinate who were put off without further ado and even sent away. The state of Tyrol does not only seem to have problems with vaccination, but there is also a problem with the test strategy. Endlessly long queues form in front of the test stations, the evaluation laboratories are at their limit, PCR test results can sometimes be several days in coming and there are delivery problems with PCR-Gurgel self-tests, as well as the currently increasing numbers of Covid-19s -Infected, a completely overloaded hotline 1450 of the state of Tyrol, hospitals that fill up with patients faster and faster, and pharmacies that can barely cope with the real test run. “At full speed into total chaos,” said Claus Meinert, editor-in-chief of “Tiroler Krone”, describing the current situation in Tyrol in Thursday’s print edition. Now too much chaos for LH Platter? Was that why he pulled the ripcord? Dissonances between Pollak and LR Annette LejaAccording to “Krone” information, not everyone in the Tyrolean country house should have been convinced by Pollak. The civil service is said to have opposed him from the start because they should have had a problem with a career changer in this position. The front against him is said to have grown bigger and bigger. Even between health councilor Annette Leja and Pollak, the harmony should not have been the very best. At any rate, Pollak is going on vacation at the end of November, and according to information from “Krone”, people are already busy working on a “suitable job for him”. Replacement rumors also about Rizzoli From usually well-informed circles it was initially said that crisis manager Elmar Rizzoli should also be dismissed. But this rumor was denied by those close to LH Platter: “Rizzoli is by no means up for discussion!”
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