Corona crisis: Cannes film festival does not take place virtually

Already at the end of March it was said that the International Cannes Film Festival will not take place from May 12 to 23 due to the corona crisis. Recently, the idea for a virtual version of the festival on the Côte d'Azur was thrown into the ring, after events such as concerts are currently also seen as digital experiences that people watch on their computers via live stream. Festival director Thierry Fremaux (59) is distant about these suggestions. According to "Variety", Fremaux is of the opinion that "it is a model that would not work".

"Discover 'Top Gun 2' elsewhere than in the cinema?"

"Cannes with its soul, its history, its efficiency – what is a digital festival? A digital competition? We should first ask the rights holders if they agree," Fremaux told Variety, explaining that it made no sense see in a virtual alternative. "Films by Wes Anderson or Paul Verhoeven on a computer? Discover 'Top Gun 2' elsewhere than in the cinema? These films have been moved to be shown on the big screen. Why should we want to show them on a digital device beforehand? "said the Frenchman.

Since the global spread of the corona virus, the Cannes Film Festival is the first major film event in 2020 to be suspended. After weeks of speculation, the organizers postponed the film festival to a later date, possibly in late June or early July – but nothing has been decided yet.