Corona crisis: safely back to the office by far

Many people have been working in the home office because of Corona since March. Now they are returning to the offices. You have to consider that there …

They used the company wherever possible: Many people moved their jobs home in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now more and more employees are returning from the home office to the office. So that they can work there without the risk of infection, employers must take special protective measures. In addition to the hygiene standards required by law, there are also new trends that make working in the office safe.

Hygiene measures in the office

The hygiene measures that have proven their worth over the past few weeks should also become part of everyday life in the office. Break regulations or shift schedules can prevent many people from clashing. In rooms that are used by several people in the company, nose and mouth coverings are necessary. In addition to the masks, employers should also provide washing facilities and disinfectant dispensers. It is also important that the minimum distance to the colleagues of 1.5 meters can be maintained.

Control employee flows

To guarantee the distance between the workplaces, vacant desks or access regulations can help. The real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield (C&W), who developed the so-called "6-Feet-Office", goes one step further. Six feet is just over 1.8 meters. In their concept, the experts rely on signposting systems and markings around every workplace that indicate the minimum distance. The "6-Feet-Office" also includes, among other things, partitions between the desks and disposable table pads.

Grocery deliveries to the office

Many people in one room – what you should avoid in Corona times is unavoidable in the supermarket. So that employees do not have to get their food quickly during breaks or before starting work, more and more employers are opting to have groceries delivered to the office. The Bünting group of companies' delivery service, which was praised by the Stiftung Warentest for its meticulously kept cold chain, also confirms the trend.

Frank Hilgenberg, responsible for Business at Bünting, explains: "Our business customers now see us as a system solution. Buying groceries for the office online not only saves time and money, it also reduces contacts and thus promotes Health at work In addition to classics such as coffee, tea and biscuits, our customers are currently increasingly asking for items such as confectionery, which should serve as a small thank you to employees and customers. "

Maintain video conferencing

The days when colleagues crowded around the conference table for meetings are a thing of the past. During the home office phase, many companies opted for messengers such as Microsoft Teams, Slack or Spike. And they can also be used in the office to keep in touch with people who are still in the home office. Or also to hold video conferences in the company. Participants can communicate with each other on site from different rooms.

Team events by far

Team events are ideal for getting closer, at least mentally, after weeks without personal contact. Many organizers offer their team building measures and group events with a new concept, through which hygiene measures and safety distance can be maintained. In the fresh air, many common activities such as archery or bike tours are also possible in a larger group.